Our grandmother on our father's side.

Doña María

Doña María is a tribute to our grandmother on our father's side. She was an only child, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants. She had a great heart and those who met her know that she worshipped a good table by entertaining guests and her beloved ones.

As a lover of good cuisine and good eating, her refrigerator was always full with laven, tabboulle, chickpea pureé, Keppe and other delicacies. She had a leafy vine in her backyard that would provide her with its leaves to wrap up steaks and cook "niño envuelto". Because for her, cooking meant FRIENDSHIP, JOY, SOLIDARITY and especially.……….. MUCH LOVE.


Oma is our grandmother on our mother's side. She had German ancestors and, just like DOÑA MARÍA, she would show her DEDICATION and PATIENCE in the kitchen. She was happy to welcome her children and grandchildren with delicious hot chipitas, strudel and various kinds of fruit pies. But what we liked best was Christmas time, when she made stollen, honiggebäch and her classic oats and nut cookies. We knew that cooking was her way to express her IMMENSE LOVE.


Today many of the dishes presented are a combination of the recipes Doña María and Oma passed onto us. They were enjoyed by many generations and now we can share them with you. That is why you will find FAMILY FLAVORS at our venue…


Doña María Restaurante Doña María Restaurante Doña María Restaurante Doña María Restaurante

About Us

Mission: Doña María Restaurant is a family's commitment to excellent customer service in permanent cooperation with the development of the community.

Vision: to be the leaders of our restaurant buffet segment at Puerto Iguazú, based on two premises, namely, our organizational culture and the efficient use of our resources.

Our Values

Honesty: both professional and personal in our task
Responsibility: as far as compliance with our service is concerned
Commitment: to the needs of each of our inner and outside customers
Loyalty: to our inner and outside customers
Respect: to everyone and the environment
Will: to become better and better everyday


We learn everyday both from new gastronomic technologies and from you. This happens because we want to be on this side and keep on accompanying you and sharing the most important moments with our customers.


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